1. I went to this Yung Lean show, sadboys can definitely throw down. At the end of the set, the crowd was chanting Yung Lean.


  2. AHHH DOTA khjsdfjkh24uifhjksdfhusdf


  3. Reasons I’m excited for The International


    1. image

    2. image

    3. image

    rap game statsman bruno #TI4

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  4. all this money don’t make me sad though


  5. #tbt old track, old artwork, can’t believe this was 3 years ago


  6. #tbt back when i made login screens before i was 16:9


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  8. Had the chance to attend notch's .party(). Was pretty cool. GTA, Feed Me, Kill The Noise, and Nero played. 


  9. Got the chance to make some video assets for Haywyre, pretty cool music producer guy.

    The bottom one is a loop-able clip, the top two are stills from an intro animation.

    + gifs too big for tumblr 



  11. i cant stop listening to this


  12. nextacy:

    Hardstyle in my veins 

    im getting one of these


  13. #DJMOVES


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  15. Jony Ive’s personal favorite website.



    Credit: Tobias A. G.

    this is site is actually kinda cool