1. Had the chance to attend notch's .party(). Was pretty cool. GTA, Feed Me, Kill The Noise, and Nero played. 


  2. Got the chance to make some video assets for Haywyre, pretty cool music producer guy.

    The bottom one is a loop-able clip, the top two are stills from an intro animation.

    + gifs too big for tumblr 



  4. i cant stop listening to this


  5. nextacy:

    Hardstyle in my veins 

    im getting one of these




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  8. Jony Ive’s personal favorite website.



    Credit: Tobias A. G.

    this is site is actually kinda cool


  9. Visualizer for Monstercat made by this guy *points to self* 


  10. Click here to hang out with the whale #ThanksYouBasedGoingQuantum


  11. Visualizer I made for Lessthan3. It goes kinda hard, there’s more videos of it reacting to different tracks here.


  12. so cash, definitely not middle of the mall.  

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  13. importerrobinson:



    this is breathtaking. especially the third one.

    pretty neat 


  14. This bothers me


  15. blame it on the hardstyle